Coalition for QueensRail

Here’s a few of the top reasons why the time to build QueensRail is now…

  • Two generations of south Queens residents have suffered with agonizingly slow commutes to midtown.
  • JFK Airport needs a quick connection to midtown it’s to remain competitive with other domestic and international cities.
  • Manhattan residents want a convenient way to get to the beach.
  • NYC’s economy suffers when residents chose not to work or play because of the lack of good transportation options.
  • Our roads are congested and SBS and Express Buses that average about 10 MPH have only made the problem worse.
  • Rail is fast and efficient because it is not taking up road space.
  • The QueensRail right of way already exists.
  • There are not grade crossings and no eminent domain would be necessary
  • Portions of QueensRail can even be put underground.
  • Most people would agree that you do not address transit problems by using a railroad right of way for a park.
  • QueensRail would save millions of man-hours of commute time every year while saving energy and reducing pollution.
  • As transportation projects go, QueensRail is shovel ready, relatively low-cost project  that will immediately generate huge rewards.
  • It will connect beaches, JFK Airport, Resorts World, Queens Center, Jackson Heights, Long Island City and midtown Manhattan.
  • All aboard!

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How Can I Help?

We were hoping that you would ask that question!

There are several ways really.  Here’s some of them…

  • Donate to the Coalition for QueensRail, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
  • Contact your elected officials and let them know what you think
  • Talk to your family, friends and neighbors about it.
  • Talk to your fellow commuters when you’re waiting for a bus or train.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper
  • Vote for politicians that can give you specifics on how they are helping with this important project.  (Most are not)
  • We will do our best to support your efforts regarding QueensRail and appreciate your support.
  • This website has been created to share important information and is a work in progress. Thank you for your patience.

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TranIMG_7600sportation is the Life Blood of a City

Good transportation, specifically the subways, is what made New York a world class city.  The lack of it has us on the opposite trajectory.

If you cannot get from Point A to Point B in a reasonable amount of time, then you look for reasons not to go.  Here are some of the ramifications of a life filled with trips NOT taken…

…You limit your job search to places very close to home, so you don’t get that dream job.

….You decide it’s not worth the hassle to get to the theater district even though it is just 15 miles away as the crow flies so you rarely get to enjoy the magic of Broadway.

…You live in midtown Manhattan but decide not to go to Rockaway Beach in summer because of the long journey on the A train and never meet the girl of your dreams.

…You  commute to midtown from Rockaway for years on the A train with daily commute time between 3 and 4 hours when it should take only two.  Even at just one extra hour a day. That about 300 hours of wasted time, enough to cover a 10 day vacation every year.

…You are an international visitor coming to the United States for the first time through JFK Airport.  Your destination is midtown Manhattan and assume that there is a direct way to get there from your terminal. Instead you are met with a confusing array of AirTrains, railroads and subways, but no combination can get you there in less than an hour.

When QueensRail is a game changer for everyone needing to get from Point A to Point B.  Average commute time from JFK to midtown, 30 minutes.  From Rockaway to midtown, 45 minutes.    All Aboard!


Join the Fight or Just Come Along for the Ride…

There’s room for everyone on this train.  The Coalition for QueensRail is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that represents all New Yorker’s wanting better public transportation.  We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress but hope that you consider taking a more active role in winning this important fight.