QueensRail, formally known as the Rockaway Beach Branch, is a 3.5 mile rail link that was closed by the City in 1952.

Our mission is to dramatically improve public transportation in Queens by reconnecting the southern end with the rest of the borough. Currently to get from Rockaway to Kew Gardens by rail you have to travel through Manhattan!

Once rebuilt this critical link will chop 30 minutes off trips between JFK Airport and midtown Manhattan.   Over ten thousand people will use this route daily.

You are encouraged to help in our fight for this and future generations.


The MTA Feasiblity Study

In 2015 Phil Goldfeder, then NYS Assemblyman for the Rockaways got the legislature  to fund a feasibility study on reactivating the Rockaway Beach Branch. The MTA was supposed to begin work in 2016 with a target date for completion of April 2017.

Meanwhile, in November of 2016 Phil retired and passed the reins to fellow QueensRail advocate, Stacey Pheffer Amato.

The MTA study did not actually begin until September 2017 with a new target date for completion of 1st Quarter, 2018.  We are all hopeful that the study is both complete and impartial and recognizes the cost involved in NOT rebuilding the Rockaway Beach Branch, AKA QueensRail.

Rockaway Beach Branch Studies

It should be noted that this line is one of the most studied in Western Civilization.

The Coalition for QueensRail believes that knowledge is power as is the truth.  Our aim therefore is to use this Website as a platform to share all the information that we can find.  Please let us know if there is anything out there that should be added.

Restore Train or Skinny Park?

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Train Anyone?

When is the City going to get serious about giving people a viable transportation option.  This photo on the left is of Van Wyck Expressway taken in 1969.  Other than the dated car models and street lights it could have been taken yesterday. Service on the Rockaway Beach Branch ended in 1952.

QueensRail Can Be a Showcase!

The train will be the first impression that many domestic and international visitors will have of NYC.    Whether they are headed to midtown Manhattan or Rockaway Beach, let’s make it a positive one that we can be proud of!

Next Steps…

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